Sam Glossop ​​​| Sound Designer
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Where is Peter Rabbit? - (Dir. Sheila Carter - Theatre Royal Haymarket)
co-design with Andrew Sulley 

The Tempest - (Dir. Ricky Dukes - Greenwich Theatre)

A Brave Face - (Dir. Racheal Savage - UK Tour)
as Sound Consultant

The World Of Beatrix Potter 

Dem Times: Live Fiction Podcast- (Dir. Poppy Clifford - Streatham Space Project)

A Field In Velvet- (Dir. Rebecca Cartwright - The Space, Central St. Martins)


Gracie - (Dir. Gemma Aked-Priestley - The Finborough Theatre)

A Midsummer Night's Dream - (Dir. Ricky Dukes  - Greenwich Theatre)

San Domino - (Dir. Matthew Gould  - Tristan Bates Theatre)

The Narcissist - (Dir. Gemma Aked-Priestley - The Hen and Chickens Theatre)

Gun - (Dir. Phil Croft - Waterloo Vaults Festival, Brighton Fringe Festival)

On Behalf of the People (2018) - (Dir. Charlie Kenber - UK Tour)

Where is Peter Rabbit ? (2018) - (Dir. Sheila Carter - The Old Laundry Theatre

Sleeping Beauty - (Dir. Morgan Brind - The Core Theatre)

Beauty and the Beast - (Dir. Morgan Brind - Loughborough Town Hall)

Just So - (Dir.  Matt Lockitt - Theatre Royal Winchester) 

​​​​​​​​Audio Plays:
The Raven- (Dir. Simon Collier - EvCol Entertainment)

Beyond the Time Machine- (Dir. Simon Collier - EvCol Entertainment)

Smells Like Butter - (Dir.Rebecca Cartwright & Aaron Markwell - Critical Costume Symposium 2018)


​​​​​By Jeeves - (Dir.  Alan Ayckbourn -The Old Laundry Theatre)

Beauty and the Beast - (Dir. Owen Calvert-Lyons - Derby Arena)
Robin Hood - (Dir. Morgan Brind - Loughborough Town Hall)

The Raven - (Dir. Simon Collier )

On Behalf of the People - (Dir. Charlie Kenber - National Coal Mining Museum/Regional tour)

Fall of the House of Usher/
The Masque of the Red Death -  (Dir. Maud Madlyn/Omar Okai - The Jack studio Theatre)

Where is Peter Rabbit ? (2017) - (Dir. Sheila Carter - The Old Laundry Theatre)

Pete 'n' Keely - (Dir. Matthew Gould - Tristan Bates Theatre)

The Nest - (Dir. Peter Bradley - 53Two)

Musical Differences - (Dir. George Richmond-Scott - Crucible Studio)


Meeting Bea - (Dir. Peter James - The Old Laundry Theatre)​*

Blown Youth - (Dir. Dominic Cooper - New Wimbledon Studio)

Beetles From the West - (Dir. Phil Croft - The Hope Theatre)

Where is Peter Rabbit ? - (Dir. Sheila Carter - The Old Laundry Theatre) * 

Three's Company - (Dir. Dominic Cooper - Theatre 503)

Basset - (Dir. Javaad Alipoor - Crucible Studio)

​Dinosaur Dreams - ​(Dir. Will Adolphi - Ecsetera Theatre)


The Crazy Locomotive - ​​(Dir. Margret Cohen - The Cockpit Theatre)

Sherlocks Last Case - (Dir. Peter James - The Old Laundry Theatre) *

Antigone In New York - (Dir. Margret Vohen - The Rag Factory)

Hospital Food - (Dir. Emily Hutchinson - Crucible Studio)

A Dark and Stormy Night - (Dir. Roger Glossop - The Old Laundry Theatre)

Century - (Dir. Poppy Rowley - Crucible Studio)

Untold Stories - (Dir. Peter James - The Old Laundry Theatre) *

Henna Night - (Dir. Peter James - The New Diorama)

Hearts(Dir. Emily Hutchinson - Crucible Studio)

Housewife 49 (Assistant Sound Designer to Alistair Goolden) - (Dir. Victoria Wood -The Old Laundry Theatre)d

*Co-Designed with Andrew Sulley